For two-three hours you will relax, learn something new and will be pleasantly surprised with your masterpiece! Take the opportunity to get wants and needs met. Up to you: to felt of wool or ornament pysanka, make soap or make rag-doll, eco-pen or calendar. All these activities are available at our workshops.

You will get maximum of information and skills because the best teachers will be with you! We give workshops both for adults and for kids. We schedule the day and arrange program and also offer you workshop that fits your wishes the most. All materials are included in the price of workshop.

Workshop may be followed with tea and dessert on your request (brownie, carrot cupcake, Belgium waffles) for the extra payment.

Мастер-класс по писанкам  Workshop on pysankas
Мастер-класс по рушныку-выбийке Workshop on making traditional towel
Мастер-класс по росписи пряников Workshop on gingerbread painting
Мастер-класс по мыловарению Workshop on soap making
Мастер-класс по восковым свечкам Workshop on making wax candles
Мастер-класс по скрапбукингу Workshop on scrapbooking
Мастер-класс по кукле-мотанке Workshop on making rag-doll
Мастер-класс по эко ручке Workshop on making eco-pen
Мастер-класс по валянию из шерсти Workshop on felting the wool

Юлия Дмух  Yulia Dmukh - a craft master who has skills for many handmade activities (decoupage, scrapbooking, soap making, Teddy bears making, handmade candles, decorations, décor etc), a founder of Samodelki workshop studio, designer-decorator, author and talkshow hostess of numerous creative workshops on the TV channels like Inter, 1+1, STB, City, Tonis and a writer for periodicals.

There is an opportunity to arrange any other workshop conducted by Yulia Dmukh taking into considerations the guests wishes and party theme. For example:

  • Frame for pictures – magnet on the fridge: price up to 3 persons is 500 UAH, every additional guest - 150 UAH.
  • Postcards making: price up to 3 persons is 500 UAH, every additional guest - 100 UAH.
  • T-shirts painting: price up to 3 persons is 500 UAH, every additional guest - 150 UAH.
  • Dish painting (cup and saucer): price up to 3 persons is 500 UAH, every additional guest - 150 UAH.
  • Shambhala bracelets plaiting: 100-160 UAH depends on materials use (bright wooden beads or semiprecious stones): price up to 3 persons is 500 UAH, every additional guest - 150 UAH.
  • Mehendi: price up to 6 persons is 500 UAH, every additional guest - 70 UAH.
  • Mobile phone/keys pendant: price up to 6 persons is 500 UAH, every additional guest - 70 UAH.
  • Decoupage of plaque: price up to 4 persons is 500 UAH, every additional guest - 120 UAH.
Леся Турукина Lesya Turukina has been painting pysankas since 1992. She paints on egg of hens, ducks and ostriches. She reproduces traditional pysankas based on old printings of XIX century, beginning of XX century and modern art, creates her own ornaments. She paints pysankas in traditional wax manner, also she uses technique of acidulation, carving on eggs, and incrustation with SWAROWVSKI crystals. Lesya works in the Center for infant and youth creative works of Vasylkiv town in Kyiv oblast, she is a leader of Dyvosvit - representative school of pysanka craft. As a craft specialist she painted more than 10,000 different pysankas. Her masterpieces are in Pysanka museum in Kolomyya, in numerous private collections in Ukraine and abroad. Lesya Turukina promotes renaissance of pysanka craft, takes part in exhibitions, festivals, seminars, conducts workshops for kids and adults.
Олеся Петренко Olesya Petrenko -  a craft master of scrapbooking at hobby school of Creative Cofferet, an interior designer, she write for scrapbooking blog, and she is a student of National Academy of Arts (art critic), has an work experience as a designer.
Светлана Витер Svetlana Viter – a craft master on wool felting, head of EcoArtDesign art gallery (, an art trainer certified by Imaton - Institute for experimental psychology (St. Petersburg), artist, expert of nature-aligned arable farming and healthy life style.
Людмила и Иванна Lyudmila and Ivanna – are mother and daughter who are specializing in motanka-dolls and hay toys making for many years. They are those specialists who know how to make beautiful motanka-amulets and describe them in such a way that each of them will look like magic doll. Craft ladies take an active part in festivals and conduct workshops (one of them is Kraina Mriy ethnic festival). Their motanka-dolls are presented in Natur Boutique shops.
Анастасия Ле Хак Anastasia Le Khak - a specialist on healthy nutrition, a consultant of collection of healthy international cuisine at Maison Blanche organic café, she writes about healthy life style and organic products for Zelenaya Apteka (Green Pharmacy) magazine.