Why Eco?

Certified eco hotel

Did you know that the average amount of utilized resources at 150 hotel rooms per week is equal to utilized resources by 100 households per year? Ordinary hotels use the electricity non-stop in public areas in huge amount. Changing and washing the linen on the daily base result into additional usage of electricity, water, human efforts, and detergents that pollute the environment.

Provision of rooms with disposable toiletries leads to the additional garbage. Soil, water, energy are those resources that we should take care of. Thus the concept of ecohotel that will decrease the influence of the environment has appeared.

Guests can relax in the eco-friendly way, saving the planet resources, with pleasure and without damage to their comfort:

  • We use only natural materials for the rooms decoration: wood (beds, floor, benches, tables), linen (pillow slips, curtains), 100% cotton (towels, bed sheets) etc. Even the mattresses for guests are made of natural materials: coconut, seaweed, wool, cotton, linen, and natural latex.

  • All construction materials were chosen from the point of view of their environment friendliness (timber beams, brick-tiles, eco-friendly paint and lacquer, etc).

  • Each room has its floral name and design.

  • For cleaning the rooms and washing the linen we use only safe biodegradable and organic detergents, microfiber household clothes, soda salt, and citric acid.

  • We reduce electricity usage: corridor lighting is controlled by the motion sensor (Berezovka), LED lamps. Due to electronic locks in Maison Blanche Berezovka ecohotel the electricity is on only at the guest presence. We use the energy saving household appliances.

  • To save the water we use system of double flush in the toilet.

  • To save energy, water and detergents we replace towels and bed sheets on guests request.

  • Rooms are provided with the natural toiletries: 100% handmade soap and 100% natural shampoo.

  • We sort garbage: dry rubbish (paper, metal, plastic and glass) we send for recycling, organic wastage is composted.

  • Used lamps and batteries from guests are recycled.

  • We use green option of office and toilet paper.

  • We prefer green shopping and buy natural, ecological and organic goods.

With your choice of Maison Blanche you take an active part in saving the environment.

Maison Blanche Ecohouse: