Organic Café

Enjoy healthy meals prepared with local and organic products in organic cafe Maison Blanche.

Cafe is located on the ground floor of Maison Blanche Mytnitsa и Maison Blanche Berezovka.

Why Organic Cafe Maison Blanche?

Organic Cafe

  • we use only 100% natural, local and organic food.

  • we prefer organic products grown without pesticides and nitrates. Our dishes include certified organic: vegetables, cereals, pasta, dairy products, tea, honey, etc.

  • for our dishes we use a healthy alternative to table salt - sea salt, easily digested and rich in 80 minerals.

  • Organic Restaurant

  • we prepare dishes in healthy methods: baking, cooking, grilling.

  • we works with craft manufacturers and farmers (eggs, chicken, cheese, vegetables).

  • our menu has vegan options.

Country restaurant near Kiev - Organic Cafe Maison Blanche:

  • Кyiv region, Berezovka village, Makarov district, highway E40 - +38(044) 228-51-60, +38(066) 355-58-36 Read more

  • Kiev region, Mytnitsa village, Vasylkiv district, highway E95 - +38(044) 229-25-69, +38(095) 701-64-05 Read more