Green Awards Ukraine

Maison Blanche - Best project in green tourism according to Green Awards Ukraine 2012.

Green Awards Ukraine is the award ceremony of the national competition of business and social "green" projects in 12 categories.

In the category for "Best Project in Green Tourism" Ecohouse Maison Blanche have received the second place.

According to our eco policy we do the following:

  • Use organic premium quality cleaning products (Alma Win)
  • Save the energy: installation of the heat pump (Maison Blanche Mytnytsa), use motion sensors to control lighting in the corridor (Maison Blanche Berezovka), use energy-saving lamps and LEDs, use the electronic locking to save the energy in a room when nobody is in (Maison Blanche Berezovka), using energy-saving electronics.
  • Saving water: water efficient toilets with 2 kinds of flushing, water flow regulators on the showers with additional function of inflating the water with air.
  • Offer to guests to reuse towels and bed sheets.
  • Offer to guests 100% natural or organic bodycare products such as handmade natural soap and natural / organic shampoo free from sodium laureth sulfate, parabens.
  • Use unbleached and recycled papers and toilet rolls.
  • Use biodegradable refuse sacks
  • Limit the use of disposable packaging: no disposable bodycare products in rooms
  • Favor eco-friendly, natural and organic products