Organic spa

В органическом спа Maison BlancheHere in Maison Blanche eco-residences we offer you organic spa where you can spend quality time and with pleasure, both with your friends and with your beloved one.

In organic spa we use the best products: herbs for spa treatment, organic honey and natural clay for body wraps, organic massage oil, natural essential oils.

We take care of providing guests with the most of comfort and relaxation together with with unique and traditional treatments: В органическом спа Maison Blanchephyto-barrel with steam of organic herbs, salt room, cozy sauna, body wraps, different types of massage.

Please contact reception for more information on spa:

  • Ecohouse Maison Blanche Berezovka: (044) 228-51-60, (066) 355-58-36
  • Ecohouse Maison Blanche Mytnitsa: (044) 229-25-69, (095) 701-64-05
  • e-mail: