Organic Café

In Maison Blanche organic café you will enjoy the healthy dishes cooked with use of natural, organic or farm products.

Why Organic café?

В органическом кафе Maison BlancheBalanced nutrition is of great importance in taking care of our health and disease prevention. Thus, while choosing the dining place one may prefer the place with healthy concept.

Here in Maison Blanche we are sure that the food should be tasty, healthy and well presented, and environment should encourage the favorable assimilation. That’s why we pay special attention to comfortable dining room, nice music and delicious dishes.

Carefully composed menu of Maison Blanche café includes the following characteristics:

  • we use only 100% natural, local or organic products;
  • when possible we prefer organic products grown without mineral fertilizers and pesticides. Our dishes consist of organic products: vegetables, cereals, pasta, milk and diary, oils, dried fruits, tea, honey etc.
  • В органическом кафе Maison Blanchewe use healthy replacement of salt - sea salt that is easily absorbed by body and that is rich in 80 minerals. We use native sugar, organic honey as a sweetener;
  • we practice reduced impact cooking – baking, boiling, grilling, roasting;
  • our seasonal menu considers the specific of local harvest;
  • we cooperate with private farms that produce unique eco-products – eggs, chicken, cheese, vegetables;
  • our menu includes vegetarian and lent-diet dishes;
  • we don’t use genetically modified products.

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