Natur Boutique Shop

органический магазин Natur BoutiqueThe chain of Natur Boutique shops embodies the idea of healthy life style. Natur Boutique shops of natural and organic products are in Maison Blanche ecohouses by now! More over only in Natur Boutiques of Maison Blanche you will find the special department for gardeners.

Why do we have natural and organic products in Natur Boutique?

According to Ministry of Health Protection, life style is the most important factor affecting human health. Choosing the healthy life style you get the excellent well-being, solid health, success, and you are able to notably contribute to development of yourself, your family, your country and planet in general. A natural and organic product usage is one of the essential parts of healthy life style.

органические магазины natur boutiqueIn Natur Boutique shops you will find for yourself:

  • Healthy nutrition with natural and organic products that don’t have any GM products, margarines, flavor enhancers and other harmful ingredients. We offer more healthy alternatives to usual products: sea salt instead of ordinary salt, brown sugar instead of white one, quick bread of whole grains instead of white bread, and also a lot of other unique products. We are friends with farmers who grow and produce the real masterpieces: cheese that consists of nothing but milk, salt and ferments; eggs free-range hens, fed with natural feed; vegetables grown without pesticides and nutrification inhibitors. And the most important issue is that we are ready to introduce the documents confirming products quality.
  • Natural rehabilitation with a help of herbal products. Phyto therapy is a reliable assistant on the way to sustainable health. Classical recipes of phyto treatments have been verified during the centuries, by comparison the average pharmacological medicine lives for 3-4 years. Phyto therapy is ideal for prevention, to accompany the pharmaceutical treatment, chronic disease therapy.
  • Natural and organic cosmetics with herbal components and without such dangerous ingredients as Disodium Laureth Sulfonsuccinate, parabens, propylene glycol, mineral oil etc.
  • Childcare with conscious choice of natural diapers, eco-toys, natural cosmetics, textile of organic or certified natural cotton.
  • Home comfort is safe and as well as pleasant and natural. Here you will find the slippers with footbed of cinnamon, linen bed sheets, eco-matrasses, organic towels, ceramic dishware, and ecological household detergents.
  • Personal development with a help of useful books. We suggest books for reading that assist person to be healthier and happier.
  • Organic farming helps to take enjoyment in gardening, gather a lot of harvest, not to use crop protection chemicals and spend minimum time and efforts.

Deals and events:

  • 8% discount for special day offers
  • Tea testing
  • Food testing


  • Fresh food delivery on request (vegetables, greenery, dairy products, cheese, tofu, bread).
  • Gift certificates for 100 UAH, 200 UAH, 300 UAH, 500 UAH, 1000 UAH.
  • Internet-shop Works on the whole territory of Ukraine.

Welcome to the world of healthy life style!