Ukrainian Village - ethnographic complex

Ukrainian Village is a new ethnographic complex (Buzova village) situated 5 km away from Maison Blanche Berezovka. Ethnographic complex represents the territory of open air museum and park: six authentic houses of XIX century from different parts of Ukraine, orthodox church, country park, restaurant “Poikhaly!”, excursions, workshops of folk crafts etc.

Entrance on the territory is free (entrance charged into the houses). Complex works daily from 10:00 till 21:00. More details of etno-selo.com.ua

Ostrich Valley - ostrich farm in Yasnogorodka

Ostrich farm in Yasnogorodka is the first Ukrainian pedigree ostrich farm with more than 200 birds. Moreover there is mini-zoo at this farm where you will find camel, donkeys, goats, pigs, sheep, guinea pigs, rabbits, ducks, hens, pearl-hens, pheasants, peacocks, and other birds.

Also you can visit the wine cellar, restaurant, special grocery and gift shop. On a regular basis different festivals and events are held on the territory of this farm (ostrich runs, Family Winemaker festival, wine testings).

Ostrich Valley is situated in the village of Yasnogorodka that is only 15 km away from Maison Blanche Berezovka. More details on ostrich.com.ua

GolfStream, Kyiv Golf Club

GolfStream is a huge golf location of Ukraine that possesses the licenses to run international elite golf competitions. In GolfStream you will find complex with sports facilities, living zones and parks, it includes 36 holes with three fields, Club House, open air and in-house training courts, tracks for bicycles and walking tours, tours on golf car, roller-skating, courts for summer sports and sport fishing. Golf club is situated in Gavronschina village that is 13 km away from Maison Blanche eco-residence.

More details on kievgolfclub.com

Walks in the forest

In a close proximity to our hotel you will find a pine tree forest where you will enjoy your time the year round: to make snowman in winter, to gather herb and berries in spring and in summer, and pick up mushrooms in autumn.

Sports fishing in the nearest lakes

Don’t lose the opportunity to fish in the nearest lakes if you are into it (the closest lake is 10 km away in Bucha).

Auto routes

1. Berezovka – Radomyshl, 47 km

Attractions: Radomysl Castle historical cultural complex, Persha Pryvatna Brovarnya brewery etc.

2. Berezovka – Yasnogorodka, 58 km

Attractions: Tomashovka village at the bank of Irpin river, Ostrich Farm etc.

3. Berezovka – Buzova, 7 km

Attractions: Ukrainian Village ethnographic complex with church etc

4. Berezovka – Kopylov, 10 km

Attractions: maison of Fon Mekk, excursion to Kyiv Golf Club etc

More details on attractions and routes you may ask at the reception of Maison Blanche Berezovka.

Eco-farm, mini-garden, bouncy castle, and kids playground

Mini-garden and eco-farm with hens and rabbits are placed at the territory of Maison Blanche. Our rabbits live in the conditions close to the natural ones: they eat natural and organic feed, live in the special excavation (it is comfortable for them, they don’t feel sick and dig the tunnels). Hens also feels free in the clay house, walk at the free-range, and are fed in the natural and organic way.

Also there is a bounce castle, kids playground, public barbeque, small fruits garden, plot with herbs that are used in our culinary.

Park Kiyvska Rus entertainment complex

Park Kiyvska Rus is a cultural and historical center of Ancient Rus, this is the only and unique replica of Ancient Kyiv of V-XII centuries, a capital of medieval imperia Kyiv Rus. Theme-based events are held here on a regular basis: Maslenitsa, fights on swordcraft, tournaments of archers, Slavonic dances ets.

Visitors have a chance to enjoy the museum, buy gifts at the fair, eat in the café, participate in the ceramics workshop, practice in shooting or Slavonic calligraphy etc.

Park Kiyvska Rus is situated in Kopachev village that is 27 km away from Maison Blanche Mytnytsa.

Auto routes

1. Mytnytsa – Filipovka – Kozhanka – Fastov – Tomashovka

Attractions: Nikolay Benardos monument, outstanding inventor, wagon-museum, Khoetskiy maison, Zibert brewery etc.

2. Mytnytsa – Kovalevka – Marjyanovka

Attractions: church of Nativity of the Most Holy Mother, Petro Mogyla monument, political and religious activist, flower clock etc.

3. Mytnytsa – Vasilkov – Kopachev

Attractions: Vasilev ancient settlement, church of Nativity of the Most Holy Mother, Nikolaevska church, Park Kiyvska Rus etc.

4. Mytnytsa – Bila Tserkva

Attractions: Aleksandria dendropark etc.

5. Mytnytsa – Vita-Poshtova –Ivankovychy

Attractions: old machine gun bunkers, Zmievy Valy.

For more information on tours and attractions plase contact receptionist of Maison Blanche Mytnytsa.